This is Ania (Unfortunately, she is not allowed to travel to Germany)

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Date of birth: Januar 2019

Height: 42 cm
Weight: 20 kg
In a shelter from: September 2023
Family in the shelter: No family;

About Ania

In September 2023 Ania came to our shelter. We received a call from citizens near our shelter who told us that a pit bull mongrel dog had appeared in the neighborhood and they were afraid for their children. We searched for Ania, and when we found her, we saw that her ears were cropped and that she had puppies because she was producing milk. We hoped that she had a microchip and an owner and that maybe she just ran away. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a microchip, and people told us that they had seen someone abandon her alone, without puppies.  Ania had many small bite wounds on her face and body, we took care of the wounds and sterilized her. Ania is now ready for adoption and a family of her own. Ania is friendly with people and loves to play. With other dogs the sympathy decides. In general, Ania is very dominant, prefers to spend her time alone and defends her resources to other dogs.