I´m Anton

Short description:

Breed: Mix shepard
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Januar 2020
Height: 46 cm
Weight: 16 kg
Family in the shelter: No family in a shelter

About me

Anton was found one cold winter morning 2 weeks after his born. He was alone, without mother or other family members. Our team in Bosnia was taking care of him 24 hours a day, feeding him every 2 hours with baby bottle. He grown up in really nice dog. He was raised in our shelter with a lot of love and care. A nice family from Germany decided to adopted him and to provide a good family life to Anton. Unfortunately,  they didnt have enough free time for Anton because he has a lot of energy and he is searching for constantly attention. Anton now lives with a temporary foster who accpeted to take care for him until Anton goes in the „ right hands“. He is adorable four paw  friend who has a lot of energy because of his origin. Anton is very smart, workaholic,sporty dog,he is learning very quickly. We are searching for a good adopter who also likes to spend a lot of time outisde and has a lot of energy to folow Antons desire for playing and learning. For him it is very important to have schelduled workouts and psychophysical training. His character is very friendly and playful.