This is April

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Date of birth: July 2021
Height: 36 cm
Weight: 10 kg
In a shelter from: September 2021
Family in the shelter: Sisters: Ava (already adopted) and Alice (already adopted); Brother: Erasmo;

About April

April and her siblings were about 3 months old when they came to us in September 2021. They were found near a local landfill. We got a call from the public telling us about their sighting of 4 puppies. We immediately went there to get them to us. There were three females and one male. Unfortunately, like many other puppies, they were infected with parvovirus and fortunately survived the disease after treatment by our doctors. All siblings are shy and suspicious of people from the first day. Since the male Erasmo is extremely fearful, we would still like to work on gaining their trust and have now decided to find homes for the females. They have been with us for about a year and just like all the others, they deserve to have a chance at a happy life. We are looking for a loving, calm home for our April and her siblings with people who can take away their fears with patience, understanding and with lots of love and offer them a nice life.