This is Barbie

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: female
Date of birth: January 2021
Height: 50 cm
Weight: 17 kg
In a shelter from: February 2021
Family in the shelter: Sisters: Beca, Bona and Brokly

About Barbie

Barbie and her sisters were born in a suburb of the city of Gorazde. Outside it was very cold, frosty and snowy. In February 2021, we received a call from residents of the town who found the puppies frozen to death. When we brought them to us, our veterinarians immediately took care of the little ones. They were malnourished and dehydrated. After a while they recovered and now they can play together with our other puppies of the same age. Barbie and her sisters Brokly unfortunately have visible consequences, as their front legs are crooked at the joints, but this does not affect their playfulness. They are all friendly and sweet.