This is Blitz

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Date of birth: January 2022
Height: 47cm
Weight: 12 kg
In a shelter from: March 2022
Family in the shelter: Sisters: Carisma and Carolina;

About Blitz

In March 2022, on a rainy Sunday, we found Blitz and his siblings bingo in front of the local supermarket. There were six little balls of fur lying close together, warming each other. We offered them something to eat, but they didn’t accept anything, which indicated they were sick. We took them to our doctor’s office, where our doctors diagnosed all the puppies with parvovirus. We had to start treatment immediately, however we lost two of the puppies, they were too weak and died. Blitz, Chejs, Carisma and Carolina fortunately survived and are now recovering. After a while, however, we notice that Blitz has a health problem and brought him to the veterinary clinic in Sarajevo, where a congenital heart defect was diagnosed. Blitz has been getting heart pills every day since then and can live well with it. He is just not allowed to run around much so that his adrenaline level does not rise. For our dear Blitz we are looking for a quiet home where care is taken that Blitz can take it easy and where he can go for slow and quiet walks. We hope very much that such a family can be found. Our Blitz is beautiful and very lovable.