I´m Bobby

Short description:

Breed: Mix three colored hunter
Gender: male
Date of birth: July 2019
Height: 47 cm
Weight: 17 kg
In a shelter from: a date of birth
Family in the shelter: Mother Petra

About me

Bobby is a nice, curious and smart dog and a great tracker. On a hot summer night on July 14th, 2019 Bobby’s mother Petra gave birth to him and his 3 sisters on the grounds of EMKA Bosnia. Petra was the only dog there in those days and used to stroll around and spending time in the shadows. Bobby and his sisters Nelly, Emma and Bella started to live in the garden together with their mom. We made a nice place for them and they enjoyed to live in the company of their family. Bobby’s sisters are already adopted by  German families while Bobby stays with his mom Petra until now.