This is Boris

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Date of birth: April 2022
Height: 44 cm
Weight: 10 kg
In a shelter from: May 2022
Family in the shelter: Mother: Gigi (already adopted); Sisters: Fiffy and Fenna (already adopted);

About Boris

In May 2022, we received a call for Bori’s mother Gigi. The caller told us about Gigi, who had sought shelter in their garden to give birth to her puppies. This place was found by Bori’s mother under the staircase to the house. One night in April 2022, Boris and his 6 siblings were born and the owners of the house took care of the little newborns and their mother, bringing them a fresh blanket every day, giving them food and fresh water. However, after a few weeks, 4 of the siblings died and when the owners of the house noticed this, they called us and asked us for help. We immediately went there and picked up Boris, his 2 sisters and their mother Gigi. It was very important for Boris’ mother to have high quality food and important nutrients to take good care of her puppies. So we gave the family everything that was needed and luckily we were able to keep them all alive. Boris and his sisters Fiffy and Fenna, after the critical period was over and they were no longer dependent on their mother Gigi, we were able to place them in a group of our other puppies. Boris is a bit shy, but once you gain his trust, he is absolutely adorable and approachable. For our Boris we are looking for a new home, where he can learn the beautiful sides of life with a lot of love and especially understanding and patience.