This is Brock

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Date of birth: January 2014
Height: 62 cm
Weight: 36 kg
In a shelter from: November 2020
Family in the shelter: No family

About Brock

We rescued Brock and another 130 dogs from a local shelter near our home and brought them all to us for safety (see News November 2020). We don’t know how long our Brock had to live in this horrible shelter. He belongs to the group of older dogs with us. After thorough medical examination Brock is a healthy and strong old guy despite his age and bad life in the former shelter. Due to his age, he naturally does not have nice teeth, but he is not in pain. Brock is a big, gentle giant who is looking for someone where he can get lots of love and care and have a nice retirement.