This is Candy

Short description:

Breed: Mix 
Gender: female

Born: January 2016

Height: 45 cm
Weight: 18 kg
In a shelter since: October 2020
Family: No family in the shelter
Available: Now

About Candy

A.R.B. has carried out a project for the sterilization and neutering of street dogs to curb the proliferation of dogs. The dogs that we sterilize and castrate in our veterinary practice are also chipped, vaccinated, deflead, dewormed, and, after recovery, brought back to the place where we took them in.
Candy was one of those street dogs and an interesting part of that story is that after we brought her back to her place, she found her way back to us a week later, stood at the gate, and really wanted to get in. It was so persistent that we naturally decided to keep it. She is sociable, playful and gentle and spends her time playing with our other dogs.