This is Charlotte

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Date of birth: June 2020
Height: 48 cm
Weight: 18 kg
In a shelter from: November 2021
Family in the shelter: Daughter: Sanja; Sons: Alfred and Bo

About Charlotte

We saw Charlotte lying in front of the entrance of DM drugstore in November 2021. Two colleagues of our shelter saw that she was pregnant. Charlotte was a very trusting dog, let herself be petted and hoped for something to eat. We called our doctors, who immediately left to bring Charlotte to us. After only a few days Charlotte had her 6 puppies. We were so happy that she could give birth to her puppies in safety with us. A short time later, unfortunately, 3 of the 6 puppies died because Charlotte bit too hard while carrying and placing her puppies, and the puppies’ head injuries were so severe that they died. A month later, a man came by claiming to be Charlotte’s owner and told us that he was using Charlotte for hunting and wanted to take her away. However, Charlotte was not chipped, vaccinated or registered. We explained to him that Charlotte had puppies and we wanted to spay her when she was ready. He refused to spay her, explaining that she would not be useful or able to hunt well after spaying. We quickly agreed that we did not want to give Charlotte away and kept her with us, especially since the man could not prove to us that the bitch was his. Unfortunately, it happens very often that people take in street dogs, use them for hunting and then put them on the street when they “can’t use them anymore”. We wanted to spare Charlotte this future. Charlotte has two sons, Bo and Alfred, and a daughter, Sanja. Bo is not yet ready for adoption, as he is in recovery due to the same injury his deceased siblings sustained. He had an abscess formed on his head after the injury, which had to be surgically removed.
Charlotte is a smart, loving and trusting dog who will hopefully find a great home very soon where she can live a nice and carefree life.