This is Daria

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: female
Date of birth: March 2021
Height: 53 cm
Weight: 23 kg
In a shelter from: August 2021
Family in the shelter: Sisters: Landa and Renna

About Daria

Daria was abandoned in a cardboard box in front of our shelter one night in August 2021 along with her two siblings. Our staff found them in the morning and saw that the little mice were not moving much. For us it was a sign that something was wrong with them. After medical examination in our office, it was found that they were with distemper virus. We immediately started medical treatment and fortunately managed to save these sweet cuties. We are proud and happy that they won the fight against the aggressive virus. After full recovery, we took them to a puppy group where they have been romping ever since. All three are playful and charming but still a little shy towards people.