This is Dina


Short description

Breed: Mix shepard
Gender: female
Date of birth: Juni 2019
Height: 47 cm
Weight: 20 kg
In a shelter from: August 2019
Family in the shelter: Sister Nana

About Dina

Dina is an adorable and playful German Shepherd mix female who came to us almost a year ago with her family as a little puppy when she was only two months old. The family was one of the first residents at our new shelter when it was still under construction. They were dropped off at our construction site. Dina had four sisters (Lucy, Lea, Lina and Nana) and one brother (Lucky) in the shelter. Three of them have been adopted by families in Germany, Nana and Dina are still with us waiting for a loving family who will give them a good life, so they will be grateful with their love and devotion.