This is Don

Short description:

Breed: Cane Corso
Gender: Male
Date of birth: September 2019
Height: 65 cm
Weight: 40 kg

Family: Sister Beba (already adopted)
Available: Now! Don is already in Germany. 

About Don

Don was surrendered to us by his owners in March 2020. His owners did not want him anymore because allegedly the neighbors complained about his playfulness and digging in the garden. The reasons given to us always leave us speechless. A month later, in April 2020, Beba, Don’s sister was brought to us, living with her father with a family. She had to move out because her mistress got pregnant with her second child. So we had the sibling pair Don and Beba with the same fate with us.
In order for them to be well socialized before being allowed to move in with a new family, we decided in July 2020 to take them to the Antonienwald Dog Boarding School in Wagenfeld, Germany. The dog boarding school is very competent with their experienced dog trainers who work in the field of socialization with our dogs to familiarize them with the outside world. Beba has finally found a really great family and moved on 05.02.2022. Now we hope to be so lucky for Don so he can enjoy his new life to the fullest and have many great experiences with his family. Don is a friendly young male with a strong character and his trainers are very happy with his development. We are looking for experienced owners for him with a house and large yard who are familiar with handling these purebred dogs.
Don was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in December 2020. The attending doctor advised against surgery and recommended a gentler option. In January 2021, he had gold implants placed by a specialist and is doing well with them.
P.S.: Don is neutered.