This is Elian

Short description

Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Date of birth: July 2022
Height: 41 cm
Weight: 9 kg
In a shelter from: July 2022
Family in the shelter: Mother: Molly (already adopted); Sister: Nea; Brothers: Kiano and Champ;

Available: Now! Elian is already in Germany!

About Elian

At the end of May 2022 we received a call for Molly (mother of Champ, Elian, Kiano and Nea). In the conversation, we were told that there was a female dog in an industrial area near a company site that was barking constantly and would not let us touch her. We sent one of our employees there to pick her up. Once at our shelter, our doctors determined that she was pregnant. We prepared a place where she could build her nest in peace to give birth to her babies. On 01.07.2022 it happened and she had 5 cute beige puppies, there were two females and three males. After a while the babies got sick with parvovirus and we had to start treatment immediately. Unfortunately, one female was too weak and lost the fight against the disease. Champ, Elian, Kiano and Nea luckily made it and are healthy again. We decided to bring the siblings to our friends dog boarding school Antonienwald in Wagenfeld/Germany at the end of April 2023, where hopefully they will all find a loving family very soon and live a happy and content life, like their mother Molly, who has already found her great home in Germany. All four mice are shy and reserved. We are looking for understanding and experienced people who can take away the fears of our darlings with calmness, understanding and patience and give them a carefree dog life.