This is Fancy

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Date of birth: July 2022
Height: 47 cm
Weight: 16 kg
In a shelter from: September 2022
Family in the shelter: Sisters: Lia and Sashka (already adopted);

About Fancy

Fancy came to us together with her 4 siblings at the end of September 2022. An attentive man found them under an old truck near the river Drina and he realized that the little ones were not well. So he carefully packed them in a cardboard box and brought them to us. After a medical examination by our veterinarians, all 5 puppies were diagnosed with parvovirus and treatment was started immediately. Unfortunately, the care came too late for two of the siblings and they died. Fancy, Lia and Sashka were lucky and managed to beat the disease after a long healing process. Due to the unpleasant infusions and the lengthy therapy, all three siblings are very reserved and shy, so we spent months trying to gain their trust. With Lia and Sashka it worked out reasonably well and they have become a bit more trusting. Fancy is not ready yet, but this will certainly change when she is taken in by experienced people, where she will be guided on the right path with lots of love, patience and understanding. We are looking for caring people with experience for our three darlings, where a beautiful future awaits them, where they can forget their stressful past and live a great doggy life.