This is Freddy

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: male
Date of birth: June 2021
Height: 48 cm
Weight: 15 kg
In a shelter from: November 2021
Family in the shelter: No family!

About Freddy

We found Freddy in November 2021 on the premises of our company EMKA. Somehow he found his way to our company and felt at home. The employees fed him during lunch breaks and gave him petting sessions. Freddy liked it so much that he didn’t want to leave and he decided to find a place in the company where he could sleep. He knew there were people here who would give him something to eat and cuddle with him. Since the life in the company would not work in the long run, we took Freddy to us after a few days, examined him in our practice and gave him a nice place with our other dogs. Now we hope he will soon feel at home with a great family and be allowed to stay forever. Freddy is trusting, cuddly and sweet.