This is Frenky

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Date of birth: April 2021
Height: 53 cm
Weight: 16 kg
In a shelter from: April 2021
Family in the shelter: Mother: Dolly; Father: Moritz (already adopted)

About Frenky

Frenky was born at our shelter in April 2021. We rescued his parents, mother Dolly and father Moritz (pictured in the picture gallery), together with other 130 dogs from a local shelter in November 2020 (see News Nov. 2020). We started neutering immediately at that time but unfortunately could not avoid Dolly and Moritz mating as separating 130 dogs in a short space of time was impossible. Frenky had three siblings who unfortunately did not make it and died. The puppies were weak from the beginning, but Frenky fought her way through. As we noticed something wrong with Frenky’s legs, we took him to a veterinary clinic in Sarajevo. The doctors told us that his legs were fine and he was not in any pain. His hind legs are a bit longer than they should be, but he has no problems with them. Our Frenky is a very special dog, not only because he is calm and lovable, but also because of his two-coloured eyes. He has one blue eye from his father and one brown eye from his mother. We wish for Frenky a loving family who will take him as he is and that he can lead a beautiful and happy life.