This is Garo

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Date of birth: October 2020
Height: 60 cm
Weight: 24 kg
In a shelter from: March 2023
Family in the shelter: No family !

About Garo

We have known our very lovable Garo for quite some time. He always stayed in front of and in our favorite restaurant, where many guests liked to see him. There was food every day and Garo always got along very well with the chef. We talked to the chef if it would be okay with him if we took Garo to be neutered and then brought him back. He thought that was great and definitely wanted Garo back with him. We took Garo, neutered and dewormed him and after his recovery he was picked up by the chef and brought back to the restaurant. We dropped off a bag of food regularly and dewormed him regularly to keep him healthy as well. A few months ago, the chef at the restaurant quit, but Garo was still a welcome guest. One day in March 2023, Garo came to our company EMKA Plant 2 where our employees saw that he was injured and bloody and immediately called us. We quickly drove there and brought Garo to our veterinary practice. He had several bite wounds on his body that needed to be treated. Since there are more and more dogs around at the restaurant and we didn’t want to put Garo in further danger, we decided to keep him with us and hope with all our hearts for a loving family who will take him in and take good care of him. Our dear Garo is very friendly towards people and dogs and loves to be petted. Whether he gets along with cats, we can not say for sure. There are also many cats hoping for food at the restaurant and we have never seen Garo going after cats. Hopefully our faithful Garo will not have to wait too long for his family.