This isGoldy


Short description:

Name: Goldy
Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Date of birth: July 2020
Height: 34 cm
Weight: 12,5 kg
In a shelter from: October 2020
Family in the shelter: No family in a shelter

About Goldy

Goldy was a puppy when he had a car accident. Our doctors saved his life. He had two surgeries because of a large bruise that formed in his neck/back area from the impact. When he was finally feeling better, Goldy developed another health problem. We noticed that his legs were growing crooked. After all the examinations he got the diagnosis that he has a genetic problem, which unfortunately is not treatable in Bosnia. Goldy is a sociable and persistent, very intelligent dog. We are looking for adopters who can accept Goldy with his handicap and give him lots of love and care. Maybe in another country he would have a chance for a cure.