This is Jutscho

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Date of birth: January 2021
Height: 47 cm
Weight: 13 kg
In a shelter from: June 2022
Family in the shelter: No family!

About Jutscho

Jutscho came to us in June 2022, he lived on the street since he was born. A lady and her friend were feeding him every day near their workplace. One day one of the ladies called us totally upset and asked us for help. She told us that a dog on the street had been bitten and injured by another. They immediately brought him to us. Jutscho had wounds on his back and stomach and had to be operated by our doctors. The ladies told us that it was not the first time Jutscho was attacked and it was safer for him to keep him here. Fortunately, Jutscho recovered well and has recovered. He gets along very well with our other dogs in his new group. Jutscho is a gentle and playful male and hopefully he will find a new home quickly.