This is Lady

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Date of birth: April 2022
Height: 48 cm
Weight: 12 kg
In a shelter from: June 2022
Family in the shelter: Brother: Diego (already adopted); Sisters: Lipa, Finna and Biby (already adopted)

About Lady

Lady, her brother Diego and her three sisters Lipa, Finna and Biby came to us in June 2022 when they were about 2 months old. A family living in a nearby village brought them to us. They told us that they spotted the little ones on their way from the village to town near a main road and stopped their car to pick them up and bring them to us. As is unfortunately often the case, our doctors diagnosed all the puppies with parvovirus. Fortunately, they were all strong enough to survive the disease. Due to the long treatment process and the stress involved, as well as any bad experiences they may have had on the street, they are somewhat reserved and shy, but you can gain their trust with a little patience. All five siblings of the beautiful black and white family are very sweet and lovable and hopefully they will all find a great family very soon who can give them lots of love and show them the beautiful sides of life.