This is Marlie

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Date of birth: April 2022
Height: 50 cm
Weight: 16 kg
In a shelter from: April 2023
Family in the shelter: No family !

About Marlie

Marlie came to us in April 2023. We received a call from a lady asking us to come pick up Marlie. She told us that she and her family had been feeding Marlie since she was a puppy and they gave her the heated garage as a shelter in the winter so she had a warm and safe place to sleep. Since they couldn’t take care of Marlie enough due to their work-related absences and Marlie started moving around the houses and romping in the neighborhood gardens in the spring, the neighbors complained to the lady so she had to contact us with a heavy heart. She saw our shelter as the only way out as she was afraid something might happen to Marlie. Marlie is a playful and to us very lovable dog, who quickly and easily integrated into one of our dog groups. Hopefully our sweet Marlie will soon find her new home where she can romp and play without any complaints.