This is Minea

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Date of birth: October 2022
Height: 46 cm
Weight: 13 kg
In a shelter from: December 2022
Family in the shelter: Brothers: Finley (alraedy adopted) and Phil, Sisters: Alika, Malea ( already adopted) and Nika;

About Minea

One morning in December 2022, a lady called us and asked for our help. She found a pitbull bitch with her puppies in a forest. The lady took care of them for a long time and fed the mother until she finally decided to contact us. She was very close with the mama dog and said when the puppies were independent, she wanted to adopt the mother after spaying. The puppies were about 6 weeks old at the time. We kept them with us and gave the dear mother back to the lady after she had recovered and recovered. Minea has 5 siblings in our shelter, unfortunately we lost 2 more siblings due to parvovirus disease. The siblings spend their time together playing and romping around in their group. Finley, Nika and Alika are more playful and trust people more than their siblings Malea, Phil and Minea who are quiet and shy. They all just need a little human attention and trust to develop into loyal family dogs. We are looking for new homes for all 6 siblings as soon as possible, where they can still learn a lot in their imprinting phase. We are always very disappointed and stunned about how many people buy pedigree dogs and then put them on the street. It is not the newborns’ fault that they exist and we hope that we will soon find loving people who will give our fosterlings a new home.