This is Mogli

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Date of birth: February 2022
Height: 52 cm
Weight: 16 kg
Family in the shelter: Sisters: Hannah and Hatie (already adopted); Brother: Chaz (already adopted);

Available: Now! Mogli is already in Germany!

About Mogli

Mogli was with us with his three siblings (abandoned near our shelter) from April 2022 until he was placed in Germany in September 2022. The family we know, who adopted their first dog from us, also took in our Mogli in September 2022, but the couple separated and Mogli became a “child of divorce”. The husband gave our Mogli without consultation with us in an animal shelter, about which we were immediately informed by the shelter. We picked him up immediately on the same day and brought him to our friendly dog boarding kennel Antonienwald in Wagenfeld, where he is now waiting for a new family. Our Mogli is a young, funny four-legged friend who is curious and very eager to learn. He just needs some work in everyday situations. On the leash he is a little restless at the moment due to his pubescent phase, free he takes contact with other four-legged friends and is friendly. He allows himself to be groomed and petted and is happy to do things with people. Mogli is fast in learning, once executed, he already wants the next. Here you should make sure that he keeps the commands. We are looking for a loving home for our cheerful Mogli, where he will be given the necessary attention and love and above all a home where he can stay forever. A meeting with Mogli in the dog boarding school Antonienwald is of course possible after making an appointment.