This is Nala

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Date of birth: December 2021
Height: 36 cm
Weight: 8 kg
In a shelter from: February  2022
Family in the shelter: Brother: Simba

About Nala

Nala came to us in February 2022. She was sitting in a parking lot of a company in the city. We got a call from company employees who sighted Nala’s brother Simba a few days earlier and sent us a photo of him. Nala’s brother was so small and looked like a hamster from a distance. We drove there as fast as we could to get him to join us. Since Simba was still very small and weak, we first placed him in our offices so that he could have the necessary rest and protection from catching diseases. Only a few days later, his sister Nala came to us, staying in the same place as Simba before. Nala was covered with his scarf by one of the employees of the company, because it was very cold outside and Nala was shivering. We of course put Nala with her brother and after a while, after they were taken care of and regained their strength, they started to play and felt better day by day. They grew up to be happy and healthy puppies. Now they are ready for adoption and it’s time to meet the world. Nala and Simba are both very active and playful and they enjoy everything and everyone. We are looking for a family who would adopt both of them together, because separating the two siblings would be very hard.