This is Nostra

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Date of birth: February 2014
Height: 46 cm
Weight: 18 kg
In a shelter from: November 2020

Family in the shelter: No family!

About Nostra

Nostra comes from a local animal shelter where the dogs were living in very poor conditions. She lived there together with 130 other dogs of different breeds, ages and sizes. We decided to close this shelter in 2020 and give the dogs the necessary care, medical treatment and lots of love (see “News”). After medical treatment and sterilisation, Nostra was unfortunately not ready for adoption. She was unsocialised and didn’t like being touched by people or being around them. We worked with Nostra for years and managed to make progress with her. Nostra is now ready for her own home and we hope to find good owners for her. Because she deserves a better life after so many years of suffering. Nostra is playful, curious and also a quiet little granny.