This is Rura

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Date of birth: January 2021
Height: 36 cm
Weight: 8 kg
In a shelter from: March 2021
Family in the shelter: Brothers: Leri, Keni and Alvin (already adopted)

About Rura

We found Rura and her siblings in March in the city. They were 7 siblings at the time, huddled together next to a building. They were sick and helpless. We picked them up and immediately brought them to our practice for treatment. Our veterinarians diagnosed all of them with parvovirus and so the fight against the disease began. They were given infusions and other necessary medications. Parvovirus is a disease that is difficult to treat. Unfortunately, three of the little puppies did not make it and died. Rura and her three other siblings made it, thank God. The four siblings are healthy again and can enjoy a normal dog life like the other puppies and are now waiting for loving hands. Rura and her siblings are all very sweet and loving but also very shy. We are looking for her and her siblings patient and loving people with a lot of understanding and experience.