This is Tala

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Date of birth: May 2020
Height: 50 cm
Weight: 17 kg
In a shelter from: May 2023
Family in the shelter: No family!

About Tala

We brought Tala to us in May 2023. She was walking around the city completely emaciated and neglected and you could see from her teats that she must have had puppies. A lady who works in a store there reported that she had never seen the bitch before and she suspected that Tala must have either been separated from her puppies or perhaps given birth to dead puppies. Despite her statement, we followed Tala unobtrusively in the hope that she would take us to her babies. But after a while, we too realized that there were probably no puppies. Since Tala’s physical condition did not allow us to leave her there, we decided to take her into our care. Our vets examined Tala very thoroughly and gave her missing vitamins and minerals and of course we gave her healthy food from then on. In the meantime she has recovered well, she is well fed and healthy. Our Tala is a calm and cuddly dog, who will hopefully find her new great home very soon.