This is Teda

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Date of birth: May 2015
Height: 52 cm
Weight: 19 kg
In a shelter from: November 2020
Family in the shelter: Daughter: Siera (already adopted)

About Teda

In November 2020, we arranged for the closure of a local shelter located near us (“see news”) in which 130 dogs were living in very poor conditions. We brought all the dogs to us in safety to give them the necessary medical help and care. Teda was also there. We prepared a nice place for Teda, because she was pregnant at that time. She gave birth to five puppies, of which unfortunately only one (Siera) made it. After medical treatment and neutering, Teda is now ready to move to a new home, where she will get lots of love and care and will be able to live a wonderful doggy life and completely forget about her life in the previous shelter. She is gentle and cheerful.