This is Toni

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Date of birth: March 2015
Height: 55 cm
Weight: 27 kg
In a shelter from: February 2023
Family in the shelter: No family !

About Toni

In February, we received a call from a teacher at the local elementary school. He kindly asked us for help because a dog was chasing the children in a schoolyard. We drove to the school to get a picture of the situation. It seemed that Toni was running after the children to get something from their sandwiches. Since Toni is not a small dog, the children were afraid of him and when the children ran away, Toni ran after them. We took Toni, examined and cared for him and placed him in a group of our other dogs after he was neutered. Since Toni showed dominance towards the other dogs, we separated him from the group again and left him alone at first to arrive in peace. After a while Toni found his friend Cura, who has a similar character. The two get along very well and play during the day together and share their sleeping place.