This is Yogi

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Male 
Date of birth: February 2022
Height: 50 cm
Weight: 14 kg
In a shelter from: April 2022
Family in the shelter: No family;

About Yogi

One day in April 2022, a young man saw little Yogi near a highway in a bush, whereupon he stopped his car to give him a ride. During the car ride, the young man called us and said that he was on his way to us and that a little puppy needed urgent help. When we arrived at the shelter, we saw a very small and scared puppy that was very weak. Unfortunately, our doctors’ suspicion that Yogi was sick with parvovirus was confirmed and immediate measures had to be taken. Fortunately, Yogi survived the disease and could be placed in a group of other puppies after his recovery. Our Yogi, who was shy from the beginning, got used to us little by little, but he is not yet completely trusting and fearless towards us humans. We are looking for experienced people for Yogi, who can take away his fears with a lot of love and patience and hope very much that we will find a loving family for him very soon.