Animal Rescue Bosnia

Rescuing the street dogs of Bosnia in Goražde

Animal Rescue Bosnia is a project of the EMKA Group for the rescue and placement of street dogs without homes in new and loving hands in Europe. For this purpose we have established a dog rescue center according to European standards in Goražde in Bosnia. We care about the welfare of the dogs and we are happy when each of our protégés finds a new home.

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Our tasks

Hundreds of street dogs live in the region around Goražde in Bosnia. We have made it our mission to help these dogs with all means at our disposal. Our top priority is castration in order to curb the proliferation of street dogs. After the treatment, these dogs are returned to their usual environment. By means of a marking (e.g. tattoo) it can be recognized from a distance that the dog has been neutered.

In the veterinary clinic located on our property, every dog owner is welcome for neutering/sterilization as well as for treatment of his injured dog. Injured, abandoned, sick and needy strays & street dogs are nursed back to health.
We place young dogs that have come to us as puppies, have been nursed back to health, as well as those that would not be able to survive without human help

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Our facility – the first step into a better live

Animal Rescue Bosnia’s facility includes several enclosures with underfloor heating for the dogs, as well as several rows of separate sleeping huts to rest from the group romp. There is room for plenty of dogs at Animal Rescue Bosnia, and it also includes more than 3,500 square feet of exercise space. In addition, there is an independent veterinary clinic on the approx. 6,000 m² premises with specialized veterinarians who take care of the dogs’ physical needs. For all social needs, the dogs are assisted by a number of loving and compassionate animal caretakers who devotedly care for each dog.