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The first days in the new home

Anton & Haris

If you think about giving one of our dogs a new home, please keep in mind that our dogs live in a pack at the shelter and spend most of their time outside. They are neither used to living in a house nor housebroken at the beginning, but with some patience and treats to reward the right behavior, they will surely learn it quickly.

Since our dogs are not used to such a fast and loud life in Germany, we recommend the use of special safety harnesses. These leashes can be bought in almost every pet shop and they cost only insignificantly more. When used correctly, the safety or anti-panic harness prevents a possible escape of the animal and allows you to keep control of your dog at all times and even in challenging situations


If you want to support our commitment to the needy dogs of GoraĹžde we would be happy for any kind of donation you could make. Please get in touch to us to talk about the possibilities. The easiest way to support our work is – of course – a financial donation.

For money orders please use the following credentials:
Payment from (Name, Given Name, Phone Number)
Purpose of the payment: donation (Donacija)
IBAN: BA39 1011400072789350

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