We care for dogs – a truly matter dear to the heart!

Our motto is as simple as that. To achieve our goals and find a better place to live in for dozen of street dogs in Goražde we highly depend on our supporters and on the organizations in our network. A special thanks goes out to our partners who support us with the basics equipment to do what we are best in: We care for dogs!


The town of Goražde is located in the east of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Goražde has 22,000 inhabitants and 90% of them are Bosniaks.

Goražde provided Animal Rescue Bosnia with a 6,000m² plot of land where the shelter and the veterinarian clinic has been built.

The EMKA Group

The EMKA GROUP is the world leader for locking systems, hinges and sealings, which are used in cabinets and control cabinets for electronics and electrical engineering. In the areas air conditioning technology and transport, EMKA is one of the leading manufacturers of locking technology. In addition to its numerous subsidiaries, EMKA has several production sites, for example in Goražde with a ground area of around 35,000 m² and around 700 employees. As there are many street dogs in Goražde, the EMKA GROUP has decided to generously support Animal Rescue Bosnia.

Already before the Balkan wars EMKA was closely connected to Bosnia. When the war broke out in Bosnia in 1992, the whole production of EMKA was transferred to Austria for safety reasons – including machines, employees and their families. After the end of the war they moved back to Goražde. The damages were reconditioned and destroyed halls were rebuilt. Since then the EMKA production sites in Goražde have evolved into the largest production facilities of the EMKA group.

The EMKA Group also pays particularly attention to the professional training of young people there.
To date, EMKA has already provided a vocational training similar to the one of the German system for 400 young people in Bosnia to help them to get a good start in their professional lives.

In addition to numerous other projects to support the city of Goražde, such as the promotion of schools and kindergartens, the renovation of governmental buildings and the acquisition of waste vehicles or other pending ones, the founder of the EMKA Group, Mr Friedhelm Runge, is also committed to the rescue of street dogs. His commitment to animals is a matter close to his heart.

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