Our Team

We care for our dogs with heart and soul. Our team of animal keepers and veterinarians work around the clock for our cute four-legged friends. Our goal is to give the dogs – healthy in body and soul – in loving hands .


In our fully equipped veterinary clinic, our trained veterinarians are primarily concerned with the medical health of the dogs. Directly after the arrival of the dogs – mostly still as puppies – they are therefore vaccinated, chipped and dewormed. Once the animals have reached an appropriate adult phase, they are also castrated or sterilized to counteract uncontrolled reproduction. Our veterinarians guarantee that all dogs are medically healthy and physically robust and fit. The animals start their journey to a new home with a complete health certificate.

Animal keeper

Our experienced animal keepers take care of the social behavior of the four-legged friends. They accustom them to the company of humans and keep the entire facility clean and species-appropriate. The most important thing of course is to make sure that the dogs get plenty of exercise, They romp around with them and they don’t miss out on cuddling.

As our animals are usually given to us as puppies right after their birth. They are by no means scare dogs that have to carry a rucksack full of bad experiences. They rather learn through our dedicated team to enter into a trusting relationship with humans and to live a problem-free life with other dogs.

Adnan Kriještorac

Age: 36
Education: Doctor of veterinary medicine
Working place: Manager of the shelter & Director of Veterenian station
Since:  June 2019
Favourite task: Taking care of  puppies, dogs treatments and surgeries
„The love to the animals attracted me to this job. When dogs are healthy that makes me happy.„

Ramiz Džanko

Age: 45
Education: Tehnician high school
Working place: Dogs keeper
Since:  August 2019
Favourite task: Cudling and playing with dogs
The reason why I took this job is love to the animals, there is no better friend then a dog.„

Armin Mujezinović

Age: 35
Education: Merchant high school
Working place: Dogs keeper
Since:  September 2019
Favourite task: Dogs training and teaching about good behavior
„Work with dogs takes a lot time and patiente but in the end of the day 
the loyalty and love that dogs show are reward for your hard work.„

Haris Kamenica

Age: 28
Education: Student of Criminology
Working place: Dogs keeper
Since:  February 2020
Favourite task: Photographing of the dogs
Im enyojing every day spending time with dogs. When I do photographing their behavior  and  moves towards a camera makes me smile.„

Elmin Turulja

Age: 24
Education: High school
Working place: Dogs keeper
Since:  February 2020
Favourite task: Dogs grooming
I’ve lived with animals all my life, my parents have a farm where they raise cows. On this ground we also have 5 dogs that I take care of,I couldn’t imagine my life without dogs.„

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