Our Team

We care for our dogs with heart and soul. Our team of animal keepers and veterinarians work around the clock for our cute four-legged friends. Our goal is to give the dogs – healthy in body and soul – in loving hands .


Our trained veterinarians primarily take care of the medical care of the dogs in our fully equipped veterinary clinic. Immediately after the dogs’ arrival, they are therefore vaccinated, chipped and dewormed. When the animals have reached an appropriate age, they are also neutered to counter uncontrolled reproduction. Our veterinarians do their best to provide the dogs with the best possible medical care and to keep them healthy.

Animal keeper

Our experienced animal keepers take care of the social well-being of the four-legged friends. They get them used to the company of people and, of course, keep the entire facility clean and species-appropriate. Most importantly, of course, they provide plenty of exercise and romp around with the dogs, and cuddling is not neglected either.

Our residents are very diverse, some are abandoned as puppies at our gate, others are brought to us by families because they can no longer keep the dog due to moving to an apartment or moving to another city or various other reasons. There are also scared dogs, traumatized dogs and dogs that we rescued from a shelter located in Gorazde (see “News”). We do everything we can to help them regain their trust in us humans, and all dogs deserve to find a nice home. On the profiles we have described each dog as best we can and added a short story about how they found their way to us as well as photos and a video.

Adnan Kriještorac

Age: 36
Education: Doctor of veterinary medicine
Working place: Director of Veterenian station and Veterinarian
Since:  June 2019
Favourite task: Taking care of  puppies, dogs treatments and surgeries

„The love to the animals attracted me to this job. When dogs are healthy that makes me happy.„

Adnan Hodžić

Age: 41
Education: Doctor of veterinary medicine
Working place: Veterinarian 
Since:  June 2020
Favorite task: Work in operating room.

„The love for the animals attracted me to this job. When dogs are healthy that makes me happy.„

Anela Čakal Ušanović

Age: 30
Education: Master of business communications
Working place: Manager of the shelter & President of association
Since: June 2020
Favorite task: Rescuing abandoned and street dogs and finding homes for them

“ I always wanted to do something useful for society and contribute to the local community with my work. Helping the dogs is the best way to do something good because at the end of the day I feel fulfilled and happy knowing that they are in a safe and warm place.”

Haris Kamenica

Age: 28
Education: Student of Criminology
Working place: Dogs keeper
Since:  February 2020
Favourite task: Photographing of the dogs

„Im enyojing every day spending time with dogs. When I do photographing their behavior  and  moves towards a camera makes me smile.„

Ramiz Džanko

Age: 45
Education: Tehnical high school
Working place: Dogs keeper
Since:  August 2019
Favourite task: Cudling and playing with dogs

„The reason why I took this job is love to the animals, there is no better friend then a dog.„

Armin Mujezinović

Age: 35
Education: Merchant high school
Working place: Dogs keeper
Since:  September 2019
Favourite task: Dogs training and teaching about good behavior

„Work with dogs takes a lot time and patiente but in the end of the day the loyalty and love that dogs show are reward for your hard work.„

Almer Barut

Age: 27
Education: Technical high school
Working place: Dogs keeper
Since:  May 2022
Favourite task: Dogs grooming

„Since I was a kid, I always had some dogs arround house. Looking how they are growing is the most beautiful feeling people can have.”