April 2022

“04.04.2022 – International Day of Stray Animals ❣️

Today is the International Day of Stray Animals, the day when we should think about the daily suffering of dogs. We still give everything in our power to help as many strays as possible to end their suffering.

We would like to encourage everyone who cares about the suffering of animals to support us in our project, so that we can continue to work as we do now or even do more.
Many thanks to all who support us! 

March 2022

“Mother Ebba and 8 puppies rescued ❣️

Ebba’s puppies were found in this abandoned small building piled with trash and debris. On Monday, 03/14/2022, a local resident called us to ask for help for Ebba and her 8 puppies. Ebba was fed every day by the nice woman who works near where she was found. 

One day Ebba was not there anymore. The woman went in search and found Ebba’s puppies in an old abandoned cottage among rubble and garbage. Since Ebba was familiar with the dear woman, we asked her to bring us the dog family. When they arrived to us, our doctors immediately took care of the family and gave them a cuddly place where they can have their rest and get their necessary nutritional and vitamin food from us. 

We are very grateful to the caring woman and we are happy that the sweet dog family is now safe with us.


February 2022

“We would like to share our joy❣️”

We would like to share our joy with ALL who visit our site. We are happy and proud that out of the dogs rescued from the local terrible shelter in November 2020, we have already placed 80 dogs who are now treated with respect at their new families, live a happy life and have closure with their terrible past. Our Dana (see photo) was the first dog we placed in Germany in February 2021 to a very sweet couple. Before that, we were busy caring for all the dogs, giving them medical treatment, operating on them, and most importantly, taking away their fears with the love they needed so that they were ready to move to their new homes. Then we found many more loving people with heart, who even adopted two or more of our charges together, so that they would not be separated from each other. ❤️ Some of them are still waiting for loving hands (see “Our dogs”), some of them are unfortunately still not ready due to their traumatic experiences. But also they will hopefully soon be ready for a new life.

December 2021


“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

The A.R.B. team wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022 to all our friends, to all those who love pets, who helped to take care of our pets, who adopted a dog, who are sponsoring our project to safeguard animals.

We are also proud that the fact, we managed to find a new home for 229 dogs this year, who will now enjoy a happy, cosy, and sheltered life with their new families.

Also, a big thanks to all those who adopted one of our fur noses!

October 2021

“A big thank you to Romy Vietzke!”

It is now time to thank Romy for her active support. Romy always collects great things for our dog shelter, which we always urgently need, like towels, leashes, safety harnesses, blankets, snacks and much more. In addition, she and her husband have adopted two dogs from us; a male named Wan and a female named Lara. Lara was a very shy and fearful dog and Romy together with her husband managed to give both dogs a great dog life with a lot of love and patience. In addition, Romy helps us to find new homes for the dogs who unfortunately have to move out of their new homes for various reasons. And for all her help our whole team A.R.B. Bosnia would like to thank her very much.


September 2021

“Thank you Dalmia GSB team!”

We would like to thank the entire Dalmia GSB team for making it possible for us, with their generous donation, to fulfill our wish,to procure a special blood analyzer for determining liver and kidney values ​​for our veterinary practice.

May 2021

“A big thank you to our dog trainer Rainer Babina!”

Rainer Babina adopted two of our dogs and gave them a wonderful home. As an experienced dog trainer Rainer gives in his  Hundetreff Visbek e.V. ( training lessons for puppies, young dogs and adult dogs and he is very successful with it. Since a few months we have the luck that Rainer supports us with his knowledge and many years of experience with words and deeds. Especially in the beginning, when our dogs have been placed in Germany and they have moved into their new home, many questions about dogs come from the new owners. With these many different questions Rainer is at our disposal and gives the adopters very helpful valuable tips and tricks for a harmonious human-dog relationship. Our team is very happy to have Rainer Babina as a great support to our team and for this we would like to thank again very much.

January 2021

We took these puppies from the street so that they would not also be run over by cars, as happened to one from this group. Citizens have called us and asked for help.

“We found them”

Our shelter is providing a home for abandoned and street dogs since two years. The goal of our work is to provide a temporary home for a dogs, until the final adoption of families who want to have a new family member and give them the love and attention they deserve. A dog is a man’s best friend who will always be grateful and loyal to you. So far we have found a home for about 150 dogs, mostly in Germany and that makes us proud. There are various ways we reach out to dogs and provide them with the care they need. The most upsetting and the saddest is the finding of dogs and especially puppies in abandoned and destroyed buildings or left in front of our entrance in cardboard boxes. Puppies that are separated from their mother prematurely are often left to fend for themselves and need special attention.

Abandoned, ill and hungry.

Our team invests a lot of love and effort, but also medical care to make these puppies grown up healthy. Certainly, the happiest moment for us is when we find an adequate home for them that we choose carefully. The gallery above shows just some of the examples of abandoned and street dogs that are now safe.

December 2020

“Finally safe!”

In the group of dogs we rescued from the Local Shelter, our veterinarians found that several females were pregnant. After a detailed medical examination, we separated them into special boxes and provide special care.

Two females have already become mothers and our shelter is richer by ten little sweets. After raising the puppies the mothers will be neutered and we are sure that a better, happier life begins for them than the one they could have had if they had stayed in the Local Shelter.

Our team works these days to examine dogs and diagnose various diseases such as tumors, various types of infections, skin diseases, and infectious diseases that have arisen as a result of many years in the cold, wet and dirty. We find out that many dogs are suffering from malnutrition, and that made us especially sad.

Almost every dog, after a veterinary examination, must be shaved and clipped to the skin to be able to treat various types of skin diseases caused mainly by the bite of other dogs and inadequate care. It is very cold outside, but fortunately, in our shelter every box has heating, and with that recovery is much faster and easier. Doctors also castrate dogs daily to prevent further reproduction but also conflicts between male dogs.

Born in safety: The first puppies are already there!

Our team works these days to examine dogs and diagnose various diseases such as tumors, various types of infections, skin diseases, and infectious diseases that have arisen as a result of many years in the cold, wet and dirty. We find out that many dogs are suffering from malnutrition, and that made us especially sad.

Pictures of the shelter from where we saved the poor dogs

Although the whole project is very stressful for us it is not easy to watch dogs in such a state and know that they have spent years without elementary living conditions, this news makes us especially happy and once again confirms that we did the right thing.

There is still a lot of work to be done for our team, but it gives us pleasure because the final goal will be fulfilled when all dogs are healthy and ready for adoption so we can find the right owners for them who will compensate them for the love and attention that was unfairly denied.

November 2020

“We did it!”

Since the conditions in which the dogs had to live were very bad and they did not receive adequate care and medical assistance, we decided to bring the dogs to our shelter.

For months we tried to find a way to achieve this and we finally succeeded.

We brought all 130 dogs to our shelter. Some of the dogs are in a very bad state of health. Our veterinarians immediately started the treatments and the necessary medical care.

Here you can see some photos of our new residents. At this point we would like to refrain from publishing those photos where dogs are in a bad state of health. As soon as all dogs have recovered, we will be happy to share more photos with you.

The most important thing is that the dogs are now safe with us and they find excellent living conditions in our shelter: Heating, quality food, medical care and the medication necessary for their recovery, as well as a lot of love and attention from our team.

We would like to thank the Gorazde Municipality for making this important project possible. We especially thank the members of our team, who actively helped, because the realization of this project was connected with considerable psychological and physical stress.

At the same time we are very proud and happy that we have successfully implemented our plan.