Our Dogs

Find your little one!

There is quite a lot going on here! Our shelter is now full. Some dogs have been abandoned or surrendered to us, others have been found injured, some have found their way to us on their own. When the new arrivals come to us, they are first checked and medically treated. In addition, we take great care that the dogs are doing well and treat any abnormalities in their social behavior immediately. Some of our protégés have already been successfully adopted and have been placed in Germany, among other places.

These dogs are already rescued and live contentedly in their new homes – real lucky paws!

Lucky paws!

All our dogs waiting for placement from abroad receive a vaccination certificate before they are transferred to their new home. They are fully vaccinated, chipped, dewormed and are parasite free. All dogs are neutered by our veterinarians when they reach their appropriate age. A BA passport and safety harness including leash is provided for each dog and given to the new owner upon successful placement of the animal.

Our residents are very diverse, some are abandoned at our gate as puppies, others are brought to us by families because they can no longer keep the dog due to moving to an apartment or moving to another city or various other reasons. There are also scared dogs, traumatized dogs and dogs that we rescued from a shelter located in Gorazde (see “News”). We do everything we can to help them regain their trust in us humans, and all dogs deserve to find a nice home. On the profiles we have described each dog as best we can, written a short story about how they found their way to us, and added photos and a video.

You too can save dogs and adopt animals from abroad! The following residents of our shelter are waiting to be placed soon: