This is Maiky

Short description:

Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Date of birth: June 2021
Height: 50 cm
Weight: 22 kg
In a shelter from: August 2021
Family in the shelter: Brother: Kroky (already adopted); Sister: Felly (already adopted)

About Maiky

In August 2021 we found Maiky and his siblings above our shelter at a lookout point there. There were five puppies about 7 weeks old lying next to each other under a tree. We brought them to our shelter first for medical examination by our doctors. They determined that all of them were infected with the distemper virus, which is very difficult to treat and often leads to death. After a long and hard healing process, unfortunately Maiky’s two sisters died. Maiky, Kroky and Felly fortunately won the fight against the disease. The recovery was very long, but they took a step forward every day and made it. Today they are healthy and happy puppies who spend a lot of time with our other puppies where they can play and romp. Maiky and his siblings are funny and adorable.